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What we Offer

Gippsreal is a contributory mortgage investment fund manager offering:

- Interest rates from 6.75% to 7.50% p.a.

- Monthly Interest Payments

- Fixed term investments, typically 12 months

- No up front entry, on-going or exit fees

- Diversity and transparency

- Low volatility asset class

For a more detailed summary click on our latest Fund Profile below.

How to Invest

To invest in the Gippsreal Mortgage Investment Scheme (the Fund) follow these three simple steps:

1. Download the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)* and relevant Offer to Invest form below

2. Read the PDS and fill out the relevant Offer to Invest

3. Contact our friendly investment team on 03 5662 2529 for assistance with completing your application

*The PDS is dated 5 April 2024 and is current as at this date.

How to Invest
How First Mortgage Investments Work

A First Mortgage Investment  involves three parties, the Investor (you), the Fund Manager (us) and the Borrower. To easily understand how these three parties interact, refer to the simple flow chart below:

How First Mortgage Investment Works Fina
Target Market Determinations

Under our Australian financial services licence that is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) we are required to display our Target Market Determinations (TMD) for Gippsreal's first mortgage investment product.

The TMD outlines the target market that Gippsreal's first mortgage investment is designed for after considering several key consumer attributes and forms part of Gippsreal's design and distribution arrangements.

Important Information​

Interest rates and investment terms are subject to a number of assumptions and risks that are fully detailed in the PDS. Gippsreal is not a Bank, investments in the Fund are not bank or term deposits, and capital is not guaranteed. Interest rates quoted are not guaranteed and investments may achieve lower than expected returns.

For full details of the Investment Risks applicable to the Fund please refer to the PDS or the disclaimers link at the bottom of this page.

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